Grow Through What You Go Through

Life is not perfect. This is a truth we can’t run away from.

Mistakes happen. No matter how hard someone could try to never do anything wrong in their lives, they will fall short.

Bad circumstances smack our lives right out of proportion. We look up to Super power in these instances, wondering how the heck The power is working for the good in our lives.

Failure is real, and it is impossible to resist.

We can look at the above scenarios in two ways. One would be to approach them by moping around and letting the hurt feed on us.

Or we can look at them as an opportunity to learn, to improve, to have a change of heart, and to grow. 

The choice you make is a testament to the life you live. You can either let these situations destroy you or mold you.

Lets talk about love.

Let’s talk about love.Oh not the typical one where they fall for each other and have a happily ever after. Lets talk about the one where we do fall but can never have a happily ever after. The one most of us experience; the one where that one person stays in our heart but not in our life; the one where you live for them forever but never with them.

Love is just like that, either it will make everything easy or it will complicate your life beyond thinking. Love can be the one where you say I love you to them everyday or the one where you say I hate him/her to yourself every hour and that too not to convince the world but yourself because deep down you know that the thin line between love and hate is still there and no matter how hard you try you’ll never be able to hate them with everything you loved them with. Its the love whose whisper will find you amidst the loud chaos everytime.

Mind Set.

Not all days are going to be sunny and bright. Meaning that not all paths are going to be straight and clear. There will be rough patches, there ought to. Otherwise what’s the point. The difficult journeys make the going meaningful. They really test your willingness and determination. And that is what helps you get clarity. Are you really all in, or is your commitment superficial or based on “terms and conditions”.

When you’re totally committed, nothing can stop you. You may rightfully take a pause, but don’t stop. Remind yourself what drove you to this in the first place. Listen to people who empower you. Write out your downs and work up from there. Give your head some space to think.

You’re not a machine that runs on electricity. If the power supply is cut, you stop working, do you!? You’re a god damn human. You have multiple forces affecting you. And guess what, you get to control the forces. No I don’t mean you get to choose circumstances. I’m saying, you can choose to respond in a way that works well for you.Fill your mind with the right fuel.

Right Relationship with Right Person.

The truth is – almost relationships can hurt just as much as real relationships because connection isn’t measured in time. When your heart connects with someone, it connects with someone. Sometimes, that depth is fostered over years. And sometimes you crash into another human being, and despite only knowing them for a short collection of moments, you know that they are going to mean something to you. You know that you are going to care. There are no rules.

But, the hardest lesson you will ever learn is that you won’t always end up with those you feel something deep and meaningful with. Some chapters of our lives are full and dizzying in the best way – with concrete endings and concrete closure. But some chapters end quickly, sometimes in the middle of the page, sometimes even before we are ready. What we don’t often realize is that that is closure, too. Because it’s still an ending.

So when you are holding all of this hurt within you, when you are gripping at all of the ways you could have loved someone beautifully and fully and with every inch of your human heart if you had just been given the chance – remember that you want to be loved and chosen. Not almost loved or almost chosen. If someone can’t do that, you deserve to discover someone who can.

Because the right person will be consistent. The right person will put forth the appropriate amount of effort. The right person will make everything feel easy, natural. Almosts aren’t natural. You have all of this hope, and all of this feeling, and you’re trying to give it to someone who doesn’t want to hold it. You’re trying to convince someone that you’re worthy of being chosen. But the right person will choose you. The right person will stay.

Remind yourself that you deserve to feel like someone is excited to be with you, that someone is excited to commit to you, and dive into something concrete and foundational with you. You deserve someone who wants the same things, someone who wants to meet all of your hope with action. Someone who sees you. Someone who isn’t afraid of being responsible for your heart. Someone who embraces it.

Every second count..

Our time here is limited and precious. To spend it with wisdom. To make every second count. Is so important. To be around the right people. And to live out your desires without restraint of judgment, is the key. There are no do overs. Once your time has passed make sure you have given this planet the fullest version of you. All of you. Let the memory of the complete you live within the soils of ages to come. With profoundness. With trueness.

Heart & Soul…

It’s okay to reminisce times you had with someone that was once your everything. You can’t forget how perfectly both of your worlds aligned as if it were meant to be. Because if you can, it was never real. You didn’t truly love with all your heart and soul. It’s okay to remember. And it’s okay to smile when you do. Because they could’ve been your soulmate. They really could have. But not in this lifetime. In another

I love you …Use it Wisely

Please don’t use ‘I love you’ as a filler when you’ve got nothing to say. Don’t use it as an alternative for ‘sorry’. Don’t use it when you’re feeling bad or mad. Don’t use it to escape an argument. Don’t say it out of pity. Don’t use it against someone.

Instead, please use it wisely. Calm yourself then think once, twice, or maybe even a hundred times before using it.

Question yourself before uttering it. Make sure you know it’s what you feel before saying it. Say it only to the right person. Say it because you mean it. Say it because not saying it makes you anxious. Say it because there’s no other word nor phrase that compares to how you feel. Say it because that person earned your trust to hear it and last;

Say this to yourself. You deserve it.

Widen your vision..

It’s hard to see just how good life is when you are constantly paying attention to what is going on wrong.

When you take a few moments to breathe and remember the things that you are thankful for and the things that are going right (no matter how small they may seem) you will be able to widen your vision to see life in a more positive view. When things feel chaotic just take some time for yourself, please, you’ll then realize things aren’t that bad and that they’re is a solution.

The Right person ..

The truth is – almost relationships can hurt just as much as real relationships because connection isn’t measured in time. When your heart connects with someone, it connects with someone. Sometimes, that depth is fostered over years. And sometimes you crash into another human being, and despite only knowing them for a short collection of moments, you know that they are going to mean something to you. You know that you are going to care. There are no rules.

But, the hardest lesson you will ever learn is that you won’t always end up with those you feel something deep and meaningful with. Some chapters of our lives are full and dizzying in the best way – with concrete endings and concrete closure. But some chapters end quickly, sometimes in the middle of the page, sometimes even before we are ready. What we don’t often realize is that that is closure, too. Because it’s still an ending.

So when you are holding all of this hurt within you, when you are gripping at all of the ways you could have loved someone beautifully and fully and with every inch of your human heart if you had just been given the chance – remember that you want to be loved and chosen. Not almost loved or almost chosen. If someone can’t do that, you deserve to discover someone who can.

Because the right person will be consistent. The right person will put forth the appropriate amount of effort. The right person will make everything feel easy, natural. Almosts aren’t natural. You have all of this hope, and all of this feeling, and you’re trying to give it to someone who doesn’t want to hold it. You’re trying to convince someone that you’re worthy of being chosen. But the right person will choose you. The right person will stay.

Remind yourself that you deserve to feel like someone is excited to be with you, that someone is excited to commit to you, and dive into something concrete and foundational with you. You deserve someone who wants the same things, someone who wants to meet all of your hope with action. Someone who sees you. Someone who isn’t afraid of being responsible for your heart. Someone who embraces it.

Time Flies ..

Everyday is a chance. A chance to create, a chance to succeed. Waking up is a true blessing as we get a new hope, a new chance to create something beautiful. As we grow we learn that whatever we do has consequences. We wake up thinking about so many things that we have to do today. But when we wake up having a huge smile on our faces, everything is alright.

We know what we are today. But We do not know what’s kept in for our future. But we do know that what we do today Is gonna help us be something Tommorow. In life we get many chances to be or to do something and once we miss it, it’s gone.. ushhh….time flies and we regret. Dont have a Tomorrow with a regret in today. You think it right,you wanna do it? Then do it. Maybe you Wont have any other chance to do it later. Grab the opportunity and do great with it. When you get it, don’t leave it!

Think Forward…

Life isn’t always easy. You don’t always choose what is right,you tend to make mistakes,with every mistake you do,you loose a part of yourself and you learn a lot from the part you have lost.It’s okay to do mistakes, it’s okay to feel pain and what you learn from the same mistakes is important too. Everytime when someone let you go,or when you have lost someone, it’s because for the good reason, maybe you din’t deserves them,or maybe you deserved better. There’s some one up there who sees all our deeds regardless of its good or bad, he will know what each one of us deserves and he always has better ways for each one of us.

Be yourself..

You just simply need to accept yourself coz you can’t be somebody else.
You need to create your own space and let people know your own individuality.Faking yourself and people by acting someone different is toxic for you. Just believe in yourself and do what drives you crazy.
Coz the world is here to listen to you. .
People are here to accept your uniqueness.
Be yourself..

The more I learn the less I know.

The more I learn the less I know. It’s like you have this certain opinion based on the things you learned – until someone tells the exact opposite and can also present facts, or even their own experience. Who do you listen then? Do you blindly follow your own opinion, cause that’s how you’ve been thinking always, or are you willing to change it? Are you willing to listen?

What are facts actually? In this world where fake news are everyday problems and rich people can buy studies to support their thoughts to sell you some idea or product, how can you manage? Who can you trust? The more I truly listen to people and let them talk, even if I don’t agree, the more I realize I actually don’t know sh*t. One good talk with a person who has different view of life will teach me more than no book could.

I feel like this is how I learn the best way, and question the things “I know” and “I have made opinions about” It makes me think “do I really know?” What an amazing opportunity it is to be a human and be able to communicate, be able to listen even the ones with whom you don’t agree. Stories are what separates us from artificial intelligence and from other animals. So that’s why we need to listen.

Listening others & questioning yourself can seem difficult but it’s important. Be humble – you might be wrong. 

Put your self before anyone else .

To all those who always put themselves last, I hope this finds you in the best of your health and spirits.⁣⁣
Okay, I know it is good to help people around us and it feels good to comfort others. It is good to spend hours with people and giving ears to their sorrows. It is good to support people in their hard times. It is good to respect feelings and emotions of the people. But sometimes you feel stressed out while running around and taking care of them.⁣⁣
Have you ever realised, while practising all that where are “you”? What about your own self? Who is going to serve you?⁣⁣ You know what, wait for that day when you have to say No to them for something and you will see your so called well wishers turning into back stabbers. I guess you got my point now.⁣⁣ So why not love ourselves first, put ourselves first because that you will be spending the rest of your life with yourself only. I understand you were misunderstood by the people about putting yourself first. “Putting yourself first” is not about being selfish. It is all about the matter of priorities and understanding between taking care of yourself and others.⁣⁣
Okay, so from now onwards you need to take care of your own self and consider your own needs and wants before this world’s. Start choosing your happiness, your well being, your passion first. And believe me, this will help you alleviate stress and anxiety. You will find yourself at peace.

No Amount of success can bring us satisfaction…

There is a phase in life, when we tend to run after success and attempt to grab everything that we aspire for. It appears fascinating; as if we had option to achieve collectively everything, just the way we want it to be. On this journey, for chasing superficial things we usually break up with something very important and that is contentment. Contentment is self-realization; an internal desire that brings satisfaction. ⁣⁣
We presume that a successful person would be the happiest one. But this is not the way as it seems to be.⁣⁣
Have you ever given a thought that how a successful individual who apparently has everything in life can be unhappy? What is that which makes him anxious? It could be anything, a thing not working out the way it should. Or it can be a small misfortune in ones life, a little delay in something or a little deviation in ones path.⁣
Success alone can never bring contentment if one has not achieved it according to the values and desires one hold close to ones heart. We must remember that no amount of success can bring us satisfaction if we are not at peace with ourselves.

lets just be kids again.

Believe it or not, more than your actions, skills, money, or even your education, it’s an attitude that will ultimately make your own life a better one. It has been evident throughout my life that adults keep grudges most of the time while children barely do. And to what I observed, it’s because adults choose to be right over happy, while children choose to be happy over right.

Selflessness : Easy to assume it as your trait, difficult to adhere to.
When someone calls you selfish, it is no doubt that it’s a criticism. What the other person tries to convey is that you are paying too much attention to your own wants, needs, and well-being, and not enough attention to others. If you’ve been called selfish, you must self reflect. We must let go of that ego we’ve been bottling inside. Life isn’t a race and unfortunately not everything can be about us. So we must learn to teach ourselves to value each other equally. Because in the end, life is beyond the small things you get worked up about. Be kind. Change yourself for the better- it costs nothing but will ultimately buy you happiness. So lets just be kids again. 

One day at a time!

When I was having a particularly rough time dealing with certain life circumstances, people would say, “Just take it one day at a time, it will get easier.” I would then nod my head, and laugh inside because, in my opinion, that seemed silly. How on earth could I NOT take it one day at a time? Life was only lived one day at a time, I couldn’t live a whole year or even a whole week at once no matter how hard I tried. I’d just look at them and think to myself how strange that statement is.
The truth is, their advice was solid. I just don’t know if most of us giving those words of encouragement really know how to do it ourselves. Living one day at a time can be looked at as risky, never planning for the future, and only living in the “now”. That’s not what I think this advice really means. I think its not asking you to forget your pain, but working on it, just a little, every day. It actually means focusing on what you can do right now to further yourself along. Then little by little, the steps you take add up to a full journey and you look back and see how far you’ve really come. It means instead of focusing on the end result, focus on the next step in what is a long long journey. You might fail and that’s okay, try again. And if you dint fail, just give yourself a high five or a pat on the back and move towards the next short goal. I hope you can take it one day at a time! 

Fast paced Life …

Different people think and retrospect differently, I’ve been stuck in a seemingly non-ending conflict with my own mindset, is it right to go through pain and trouble now, hoping the worse shall pass and time would heal , a fact that seems infact, ‘fictitious’, at the moment.

In this busy world, everyone has his/her own plans and their own ways they want to lead their lives, we sometimes ignore the fact that in our busy schedules we have other un-categorized things we are leaving back, some unsaved memories, some lessons of life and some people unnoticed and forgotten, their non-existence probably doesn’t make a difference to our over-elaborate routine, but the little things in life, at some point of time , give us the biggest lessons of life, it’s just the lack of mere attention to detail,Only if we stop and realize how precious life is and how valuable this time is , maybe if instead of gluing ourselves to the phone screens, at the red light, we’d just notice the hustle bustle of the cities we live in, the school children on the side of the roads chit-chatting about their post exam stress, and then our eyes hit the underprivileged who sell flowers and toys to buy themselves a day’s meal.

Maybe it’s them, who make us run in the pursuit of success this bad, Just so ,our children don’t land up in a situation similar to those needy and deprived.
God has created every little thing very beautifully, the sequence in which everything occurs in our life , just right on time and place, is god’s magic of giving us hints about what we should be doing with our lives and when.
It’s just the attitude and the small things that make big differences!

Society !!

Society! A very small term for a fucked up reality,
A group of people who not only create problems in their own families, but have the audacity to step out and question other people, their life decisions, their personal lifestyle, their choices, their clothes , what they eat, how they talk, how they walk, and even the colour of their curtains sometimes when they can’t peep in to the houses with closed doors.
Who/what is society?
Society is us, Sitting here judging people by the number of likes, or comments on the pictures, body shaming women/men and categorically giving them names, beautiful, hot, fat, big teeth, short hair, small boobs, small ass, loud voice, thin legs, piercings, chipped nails, hairy skin, freckles.
I wonder why?
Arent we done seing hatred already? Or do we think we are perfect, with the perfect bodies, careers, personal lives, taking all the right decisions in life, making no mistakes? Are we?
Then who gives us a right to give our unprompted opinions and perspective and scream and rant about them on the top of our voices.
Our Society, in which both men and women come together to bring down people and their beliefs, create self doubt, and uncertainty about our own character , skills, personality.
Society is the people who associate themselves with delusional mindsets that is only limited to the screens of their phones and social media.
Please stop it already! Spread love not hatred .

Self Love..

Self-love is a struggle, a constant push and pull with yourself. Some days, it’s easy to do. Especially when you’re surrounded by people who bring you peace. When the conversations are easy, and you bring out a smile or two.

It’s when you’re left alone that self-love becomes a little bit more difficult. It’s when you come face to face with your bad habits, and hope you get to break them before they break you. It’s when you’re lying in bed, restless, your thoughts overlapping and intertwining. And you have to remind yourself of which ones are true.

But just when you thought things were never going to let up, daybreak comes. You finally get to exhale. You made it. And no matter how bad the previous night was, you choose to believe all will be well.That all is well, still.

Realizations change everything..

Really, if you think about it there’s no right or wrong. It’s the moment you’re in that decides everything. For good or for worse; your actions and words are yours. They are the choices you make. Knowing what might come after, you do what you have to, consciously or subconsciously.Everything, every moment is a part of a puzzle, the picture that unfolds as you solve it.

As you get closer to your destination, you realize there never was a fancy destination You were just running behind an end everybody eventually reaches, And then it hits you, life was all about the journey. The little moments. The falls. The heartbreaks. The ups and the downs. The moments you thought were never supposed to be a part of you, the moments you were dreading while you were actually living them.

It was in the moments waiting to be relished and cherished. The moments
that eventually pass, The night that ends and the sunshine that always manages to come after. Life really comes with no solution. You just have to find comfort in living life right now, as it unfolds, not for a better tomorrow but for now; for today. Some realizations change everything. This was one.

Willing to …

In times when it is harder to trust , When you are losing hope You have come to believe in the limited perceptions of your mind. Thoughts of anxiety or doubts might have taken over and have become the autopilot.Please remember these are thoughts and you are not your thoughts.You have thoughts.Get back in the driver-seat of your mind and direct your thoughts into a resourceful set of thinking, because it can. It will. Choose helpful thoughts, even helpful questions.And choose a loving perspective.

Have hope, start to believe and trust in the process of becoming and unfolding.If you don’t know where to start, start by becoming willing.
Willing te receive better guidance, willing to become hopeful, willing to become whatever you need to become.You’ve really got this!

Self worth

Self worth, according to me, is something that people lack these days.
They like wearing branded clothes and carrying branded accessories and the moment they fail to do so, they feel inferior and get clouded by insecurities.
They like hanging out with their friends, partying around with them and feel bored the moment they are alone.
They always need something or someone to feel good and to be happy. They cannot find their happiness within themselves , or spending some quality time with themselves..
If only people had a little bit more of self worth, they could see how beautiful and unique each one of us are, how perfect are our imperfections and how grateful we are to live a life that we are living right now.
If only they had a little bit more of self worth…

Peace of Mind …

You know what is the best method to be at peace ? To accept and let go of a situation that is no longer in your control. As soon as we accept something whole heartedly instead of longing for we had thought something to be, we get the power over that circumstance and our mind gets its peace.

The truth can’t be changed..

I feel so detached from everyone at present. I feel that I don’t really belong with anybody, although I have a family that loves me and friends . But no matter how much I’m loved the truth cannot be changed that I am alone. Aren’t we all? The people that care for you can help you walk the path but at the end of the day it’s your path, your journey, it’s you who have to face all the obstacles and pain. The people that love me cannot share my pain, and what all pain I go through I don’t even know a single soul yet, who has gone through the same kind. We all have different stories, different pains, different hardships and no matter how much we try to sugar coat life with all happy and positive vibes, the truth always remains bitter and that is we came alone and we’re gonna die alone.


We all know this, that our experience cannot always be manipulated. Yet, we don’t act as though we know this truth. We try so hard to manipulate and control our lives, to make creativity into a game to win, to shortcut success because others say they have, to process emotions and uncertainty as if these are linear journeys.
You don’t get to game the system of your life. You just don’t. You don’t get to control every outcome and aspect as a way to never give in to the uncertainty and unpredictability of something that’s beyond what you understand. It’s the basis of presence, to show up as you are in this moment and let that be enough.

Timing and Motivation ..

You don’t need more motivation or inspiration to create the life you want. You need less shame around the idea that you’re not doing your best. You need to stop listening to people who are in vastly different life circumstances and life stages than you tell you that you’re just not doing or being enough. You need to let timing do what it needs to do. You need to see lessons where you see barriers. You need to understand that what’s right now becomes inspiration later. You need to see that wherever you are now is what becomes your identity later.
Sometimes we’re not yet the people we need to be in order to contain the desires we have. Sometimes we have to let ourselves evolve into the place where we can allow what we want to transpire.

Few moments in life

There are a few moments in life.
Moments when you don’t know why you do the things that you do.
Moments when you are attached to circumstances whilst feeling empty.
You don’t know why you’re holding on to anything or anyone at all.
You stop thinking.Your life looks like a blank canvas because you’re painting away with no colors.
For how long will you pretend to be numb?For how long will you look away from your wounds?I want you to have a few of those moments soon.
And I want you to think this time. I want you to heal yourself this time..

Sometimes life gets hard

Dear self!
You always should know that sometimes life gets hard, sometimes your own choices leave you vulnerable, sometimes you get offended from God that why things went in such way and then sometimes your god too get annoyed for you being astrayed.
But always remember, as you are kind to others, be kind to yourself for one more time. Give it time just a little longer span than a blink and let it alleviate your worries. 
I know it’s hard but it’s not forever, beware nothing is forever. -Yours.

Who Really Knows You ?

People tend to assume that they know us. They know our part of the story. They know what is inside us. They know what we’ve gone through or for that matter even going through.
But you know what , no one really knows. They just tend to assume that they do to feel more closer to you. We , as humans , judge. Every single thing. Without even knowing their side of the story we’re here making judgements about them. Each of us here are comprised of untold stories , unsaid words and hidden scars. Unraveling a human completely is impossible. It is literally shedding off the skin. We have our secrets , which we won’t even tell our close ones , no matter what. I truly feel that no one really knows what agony you bear into you and no one can easily understand that. We always conclude a situation based in our perceptions. But do we ever ever try to understand their piece of narrative? Never. We can’t defame ourselves , but we surely are full of malice for others. Without even knowing them. Quite literally.
And by the way , WHO REALLY KNOWS YOU?


Behind the Blur

Everything we see through our eyes is not the exact reality
Little we know, Little we observe and Little we believe in.
The truth remains unknown On which we believe might be or might not be the certainty always Sometimes there is more than the blurred truth
Something “Behind the Blur” .

Imperfect But Perfect Souls

Perfect love? What’s perfect love is all about?
Receiving gifts and roses and faking laughter all around.
Sharing pictures together on the internet and fighting like a fool all the life.
Loving by conditions and if not fulfilled abusing like never.
Staying behind the restrictions and smiling without an emotion But
“I Believe perfect love is an Illusion” For me,
Two imperfect souls want to stay and grow with each other by enduring every little detail of each other’s mistakes and flaws are Imperfect but perfect souls. By holding hands till the death arrives Smiling faces without any grief Understanding and learning from each other Loving unconditionally and supporting in every disaster.

” Those are Imperfect but perfect souls”

First Luv..

Nobody forgets their first love”
The first feeling where your heart sparks and craves for someone, that feeling when even being in a crowd you look for that only face, it takes your breath away, you start to imagine your entire life with them, nothing makes you more happy then being with the person you love, first loves were always pure and innocent where you pour yourself into that person without thinking of any repercussions, no doubt, no regrets, no guilt, just love and affection towards the person.You remember your first love because they show you, prove to you, that you can love and be loved, that nothing in this world is deserved except for love, that love is both how you become a person and why. When I had first love, I wanted to go to school even on Sundays, I use to wait on the alley after school just to see her a little bit more, Wandering around her during the break time and those panicking eye contacts. First love is all about giving your best without expecting anything in return, I miss being in love that way now It’s just feels like need, formalities and trust issues.
There’s no love like the first 

Let the pain make you not break you..

Did it ever happened to you? Like you find someone who resembles your pain and can actually relate to what you’re going through, something that you cannot share with anyone else but when you figure out that you both are in the same page then you open up about things that hurts, things that makes you feel low, things that makes your heart heavy, makes you to cry out loud. It’s not necessary that it has to be your partner; it could be a friend, a person you met randomly or your colleague you work with. Having someone to whom you can show your darker side, your scars and pain is a blessing. Pain is something we all have in common, we all go though, we all try to hide. But unfortunately pain is the only thing that makes you feel that you’re alive cause when you’re in love, you’re in a world of dreams and imagination.
“Let the pain make you not break you, cause in the end of the day you will be only person to pick up the pieces and put it together again” 

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it? Life constantly changing and getting more weirder where you get to know that nobody actually yours, where you accept the fact that “People don’t belongs to people” and you know what’s sad? Everyone loves everyone temporarily as they think everything is. I see so many broken faces smiling and trying to go through everything that’s breaking them, Life is not what we have imagined or thought of when we were young and naive, Most of us pretending to be someone we are not cause if we open up then they’ll get to know our vulnerable side, Do you ever lay down on your bed and ask yourself, you tried everything but still where did it all go wrong that you’re in the position right now? When I was young everybody said “Follow your heart”. I did, it got broken, though I was never prepared for life and reality that it would hit me so hard.
Life’s funny. You have to find a way to keep going, to keep laughing, even after you realize that none of your dreams will come true. When you realize that, there’s still so much of a life to get through. You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it. “Sometimes it’s good not to know the answers cause it might break us apart though we’re not prepared for what life have got for us under his sleeves” 

we don’t love like we used to.

It hurts to be in the same room but feel so disconnected.
Like we’re both on our journey, just different paths and destinations. Knowing it’s not going to end well.It hurts that I couldn’t feel the love in the room. The love that I could smell, the kind that could wrap me in it’s arms and make me fall asleep.
It felt like I was sitting in a void, with the clock ticking, urging me to stay as I am.I didn’t like it. But I also didn’t change it.The silence wasn’t comforting, like it had been the night I was upset from you and we decided to pretend like we weren’t talking. It was unsettling, very likely to the bunch of thoughts that float in my head. But I didn’t break it, because it was thin and weak, exactly how trust can be sometimes.
The problem is that this time we weren’t pretending. We weren’t talking, for real, not because we couldn’t, but it’s worse that we chose not to.The problem is that if our choices define us, then I’m not sure how we’d be able to define ourselves, as a whole.The problem is, we know, we know how it goes and we’ve seen it all around, but we’re tired of it. The same tiredness, which once was bearable but now damaging.
The problem is that me and you, we’re not calling each other like we used to, we’re not trusting each other like we used to. We’re not the ‘all we have’ of each other anymore, let alone the fact, that we’re questioning if we have each other at all.The problem is that we aren’t rushing to hug each other in order to feel alright like we used to.

The problem is that we don’t love like we used to. 

What a picture holds in..

What a picture holds in, is not what a person’s looking at it can’s what was in that moment, what you did that day, what memories you have hidden behind one single shot.

Most of the time we even have someone else with us..but it’s only for us, it’s ours and not for the world to see, it’s what we have in private, what we have with ourselves, that we hold dear.

Sometimes it’s one still moment that can be seen as a beautiful motion only by the eyes of the one who captured it; it’s what happened before, during and what came after!

Be present, share your moments with whom you feel worthy and you’ll feel the magic of it through out your journey in life. 


Late night thought

There’s So Much To Feel But Can’t Do Anything About It..
These Demons U Have Been Fighting Take Over Ur Soul And U R Left With Nothing At All..
U Just Start To See Worst Side Of Urs Which U Never Knew Existed..
U Give Up Good And Embrace The Worst.. 

Grown for tomorrow morning..

Some things just change from one day to the next and suddenly everything is different. You look back and fail to understand when and how things got so out of hand. Because sometimes you wake up in the morning and you no longer feel the same way you did the day before. There’s no explanation for it. There’s no reason. And at first it probably doesn’t even make sense. It scares you. It scares you how you can go from being head over heels for a person or an idea or a plan to not caring anymore in the space of a night. Because this hollowness in your stomach, the numbness in your chest – this indifference is worse than anger or sadness. Because you can barely recall why it ever mattered to you in the first place. You can replay the memories in your head but they’ll be fading, soon to be nothing more than empty frames that lose their meaning. And you wonder why it had to happen, why things couldn’t stay the same. Reliable and repetitive like clockwork. Because that’s not how feelings work. They come and they go and they act up when you could do without them. But that’s how you get through this, as you get through anything: you take your time, you let go, you move on and all the while you heal. And before you know it, you’ve grown.

One Sided Love..

One sided love. Remembering yours right? Its that wonderful feeling that only one person takes to know one. You love the person enough to not let them love you too. First the feelings you think were mutual but then it occured to you that you are the one who feels it and not the other. Because small things you do notice of them but they won’t even know that black is your favourite colour. The conversation from their side is boring but you always try to make it interesting or even text twice even though they leave you on seen. You even want them to love you the way you love them and you see your future with them. But they, they could be talking like the way you want with someone else.

They have loved that someone alot like you love them. Loving is not only to let them go but also keep your friendship first too. If they ever need someone to talk to go approach them first. You could be the shoulder they need to cry on. One sided love is never easy but you can make it easy with being by their side even though its through friendship. Even though how much they push you away, you let go for sometime but come back to them because they need you so much that it hurts them to hurt you. Then maybe they will realise that the person who loves them is right in front of them and not the person with bullshit texts who just replies to them and never really cares about them. And then maybe you could have your happily ever after.

Art of Balance..

This is something I’ve noticed often, in relationships of all kinds. When someone is unsure about you, the role they want to play in your life or to what extent they feel for you, firstly you hold space. You are patient, understanding, and you give time. But after awhile, you can’t do this anymore, if it doesn’t change. You need to exert the art of sacred boundaries in the name of balanced relationships — of giving the same value, importance, time or attention to a relationship unit on both hands. So, you kindly take space or remove your energy – or part of it – from it. That’s the thing. When someone is unsure about you, firstly you give it time. You want to respond, embody love and kindness rather than react- you also want to make sure it’s not you, and your own wounds projecting onto them. But if this doesn’t change, you must change yourself. In the name of the art of balance. So you become unsure about the relationship too. Or perhaps you find connections that are sure about you, too.

People with social anxiety..

People who have social anxiety, they know how hard saying hi to someone is.

People with social anxiety cannot really help if they have a resting Bad face and people might take their anxiety as arrogance, it’s simply hard, really difficult to make eye contact with strangers or even with known people.
This happens because they’re already living through all the scenarios that could go wrong, scenarios where people are nothing but mean to you, who demean your achievements and your dreams, and even if that is not the reality, this is what their brain does to them, make them so weak internally that it’s hard to even seek help because then what if people judge you for asking help.

People with social anxiety live in their own bubble, because it’s hard to keep up with the world and it’s ideologies. So they make their own, where socializing is limited, hugs and kisses are extinct and childhood trauma is locked up deep inside and no one sees anything but your clam and happy face.It comes with practice ofcourse.

So if you meet someone with social anxiety, please don’t be quick to judge them, that book they’ve been reading for last two hours is the only way they keep their hearts from racing, that phone they keep checking is the only way they tell themselves that people whom they love are near them, that face they have, terrified, hiding from everyone is just a way of expressing their fear.

Yes, they do need to work on themselves, but they need their own time, so don’t push them in a group and ask them to talk because it’s really hard, treat them with love and patience, maybe you will become a part of their bubble too.


Communication is not just telling someone what you’re feeling or what is on your mind.Communication means listening, not just with your ears, but with your heart. Communication is feeling and truly understanding why they think what they do or why they feel the way they do. If someone is willing to open up their heart and express to you how they feel then
you’re going to sit down, look them in the eyes, and listen to them. You’re going to hold their hand. You’re going to hold them tight. You’re
going to do everything you can to be better and to do better for not only them, but for the both of you.

Beautiful Memories!

I don’t think that you ever forget the people whom you truly loved.I mean even after not meeting or talking to them for months or years little things keep reminding you of them. Like the song you two listened to while driving, like their favourite place in the city, or just this shirt they really liked on you and you laugh because now it seems all weird to recall.

You recall calling them in the middle of the night just so you can say goodnight and go back to sleep and how the first few times you had to cut the call because now you can’t do it anymore. You see all these infantile Messages, Mails they sent you, and gifts they gave you and you don’t want to throw them but what else would you do with them!.

But most importantly you miss them, just their presence, just seeing them. But you know what they say, things happen for a reason but maybe the reason was to have so many memories with them that even after they were gone, you get to cherish them forever.

Beautiful Memories! They are the good part of life and not the sad part.

Every Day Feelings …

Everyday won’t feel like a fairy tale, everyday won’t be the “best day of your life, everyday won’t make sense, everyday can’t be adventurous, everyday you won’t meet the love of your life and you have to learn to be okay with it.
You have to learn to be okay with the fact that you can’t be productive everyday, with the fact that you won’t feel like working out or doing your job everyday, you have to make peace with the fact that some people are going to leave you or you are going to hurt your loved ones.
You’ll come to the realization that you are “too much” sometimes and “not enough” at the same time.

The thing about all these things is that they keep changing, your feelings, love for others, achievements, rivalry, everything changes, and sometimes they seem to be exactly the same.What works for me though is to be okay with it, to let my life take its own shape, to make new decisions or live with the old ones because that’s all me! .
So remember, sometimes we won’t feel “happy” or “satisfied” or “in love”. Sometimes you’ll feel “sad” and “betrayed” and “lonely, but that’s okay. Learn to live with them, because it goes away, and you move on with your life, and that’s how life is.



Positive Thinking..

Positive thinking is when we consciously cultivate positivity in our minds so that we think we can get through anything. And it’s been scientifically proven to improve your work life, physical and mental health, and relationships. Studies explored the importance of positive thinking and emotions on our experience of: Joy ,Interest,Contentment & Love. These four positive emotions have a number of ripple effects on our behavior. By adopting a positive mindset, our resilience increases and with it our capacity to explore the world, while feeling confident and secure. So much is happening at the moment and each and every soul is tensed. Let’s push ourself into thinking positive and we would all see the results real soon. Never Loose Hope .

Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Why Surround Yourself With Positive People.?

Positive social connection is the greatest predictor of long-term happiness. Welcoming a positive person into your world can be one of the most important choices for happiness you make. That person might be a professional life coach or a mentor or simply someone whom you respect and who has the positive outlook you want to emulate. A positive influencer will have a few outstanding traits that rub off on you over time. This person will practice gratitude. They will seek joy daily and work at becoming their best self. They will enjoy being active and feel connected to others.

We know that happiness is a choice. But we constantly need to be reminded by people to make that choice, especially when life gets challenging. Think about the people you know who could be positive influencers and spend more time with someone who will improve your happiness and lead you to greater success. If you think there are people in your life who help you to get the best of you and bring positivity in your life, acknowledge them and let them know…..

Being genuine..

You are worthy of self love, growing personally and living your life authentically, without apologizing for it . Being genuine and real in your life allows others to connect with you authentically and know you. We all have flaws, and we also all set high expectation and see things as flawed when they actually aren’t. Perspective helps isolate this out. Everyone lives through times of feeling like a fraud, inauthentic, or dishonest.

Practicing embracing yourself is the antidote . . . . . . . .